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Project Management

We help you have piece of mind during the development of the project. Some software projects are similar to building a house. Having a good understanding of how software projects work. We work with you to ensure the development company you hired is doing its best for you. Our experienced team will ensure your project is managed correctly and your project is a success by mitigating risks based on our experience. We have developed software project for the past 15 years so our knowledge and understanding will help you build your best project.

What we provide

  • - Evaluate your project every 2 weeks
  • - Provide a break down in percentages of the tasks completed by the team
  • - Ensuring effective time management and budget are followed
  • - Identify workflows and edge cases of product so you are informed early of any issues
  • - Ensure the development company is completing everything that was in the contract
  • - Help solve issues that might arise during the development
  • - Ensuring relevant communications with stakeholders